The Lift

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(TW for audism out the ass)

As we were leaving the NAD convention in Louisville, Kentucky, I had on the following shirt I got at the convention:

It was a very public week-long event downtown, make no bones about it. As such, the…

United needs to make this right. RIGHT now.

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I know this feeling all too well. Sometimes you feel like nobody is listening. Or that you have no support system. Sometimes family isn’t there like they should be. Or maybe your so called friends, have turned their back on you.

Well Im here to tell you, its not forever. Easier said Im sure but trust me on this. This is a big planet, and its easy to get lost in it. People grow, and move on. It can really seem like everyone is moving past you. If that’s the case, get into that feeling. Accept it for what it is. Accept the former or flighty people for who they are. Then do what they do. Keep. It. Moving.

Let no person who doesn’t respect, accept, and reciprocate your greatness and joy STOP YOU from doing just that. You don’t change. You don’t stop moving forward either. There are people on this planet that are willing to give and receive what you have to offer. Until you reach them, give all of that love to yourself.

Also, at times we tend to ignore what we have because of what we want. Take a second. Think about your life and those around you. You might not be as alone as you truly think you are. Thank the Lord above for those people, or even THAT PERSON. Some don’t even have that.

Its a cold world out here. Don’t let it steal your warmth. And any time you have the chance to share that, even if they don’t appreciate it, do it. That my friend, is your purpose.

Be blessed, whoever this was supposed to reach. If you need anyone to talk to. Im here.


My Miracles Yesterday!!!!

I am so happy Van created this! This is definitely something we need. I set out to work miracles whenever I can. I worked two yesterday. First while I was running errands, waiting on the metrolink, I was approached by a young lady who was trying to get to work and needed fare to do so. Now my first human instinct was thinking, “I work hard for my money, so should she,” and I did pass judgement based on how she looked. She carried herself in a way that didn’t suggest she shouldn’t have bus fare. But when I thought about the days when I was in her situation, not having money or whatever the case, I was humbled. Putting yourself in someone else’s shoes is the quickest way to overrride any negativity you have toward them. I bought her a transfer and refrained from giving her my two cents. For all I know this was a test from the universe to see if I am really about working miracles like I say I am. It felt good to help someone.

I later went to an Asian restaurant and ordered some food but I couldn’t eat it all so I got a to go box. Then I passed a man dancing on the street. I was hesitant at first, thinking he probably doesn’t need food, he’s just dancing because he loves dancing. But something told me to ask him if he was hungry so I did. He said yes and I gave him my food. I probably was going to waste it anyway.

Helping them really made my heart smile. The cost of giving is receiving so if you wish to receive love, positive energy, and all the good things of this world, you must first give!!!! I am excited for this project and to hear your stories. Please pass the word to all you know!

My personal Lift…

How can I ask the masses to lift when I havent shared mine right??

So anyhow, I’m at a hospital today because someone very near and dear to me is sick and Im here for support.  The nurses and doctors have been so nice and helpful, beyond me saying thanks I decided to do something really random that Ive always wanted to do.  Today just seemed like the right day to do it.

So I went to the cafeteria area where they all eat, and I copped a Snickers from the vending machine: Snickers

I wrote a note on it and taped it to the bar:

The Note

The Note says You deserved this. I hope this makes your day that much cooler :)”

THEN I placed it back into the vending machine:


I thought anyone that finds that, needs that.  I’ll let the universe go to work.  Hopefully it gave them the smile and lift that was intended.  Lets go folks!  #ProjectLift


Whats going on folks….

So I wanted this first post to talk about what Im doing here.  I enjoy decent GOOD people.  Folks that are nice just to be nice.  I feel like alot of times in the world we focus on the negative entirely too much, and these people go ignored.  And of course they do, they not doing it for the publicity. They are just doing their part.  

Well I feel like that logic is totally out of whack.  See, when you post negative, watch negative, listen to negative, its kind of hard to be anything BUT negative out here.  So its time for people who actually do decent things to change the world, hell just to make their fellow man/woman smile, to be seen.  I’m not trying to raise any money here.  All im asking from my followers is once a week, big or small, just PAY IT FORWARD.  Get creative, do some cool things.  Again, remember, we not looking for only GRANDIOSE gestures, everything counts.  Even if its a gesture that you witnessed, LET US KNOW.  Take pics, tell us the story at  Ill make sure its posted here for everyone to check out.  

Hopefully your actions can influence others to lift someone else.  Why the hell not?


#ProjectLift SON! lol